The Platinum Rule...

Effectively Dealing With PEOPLE for Kids...

Hello Everyone...

This is a WebSite that trains Kids and Adults to deal Effectively with People.


The Meaning of Bullying on this WebSite is:

People who are Treating people and Eachother As A Threat To Our Survival and Those Who Trigger this trap successfully.



Perceiving Others Wrongly As A Threat To Our Survival is called: "Acting Like An Enemy".


We often Think we are being Threathened, when In Fact, We Sometimes (!) Mentally create the Threat We Fear.

Sometimes The Danger is REAL.

Mostly It's Us Tricking Ourselves.


In Our Fear, We Often Try To Defend Ourselves From The Threat We Have Created Ourselves by Believing Fear...


This Happens To Kids, and To Adults Aswell.


We Will Try To Make It Easier For You To Get Past Yourselves To What We Believe That You want to Achieve:


Stop Acting Afraid for people and

Friendship With People That Sadly Perceive You To Be Enemies.


We Will Teach You That Being Angry or Upset About Things That Are Not Hurting to You, Nor To Others, Sometimes Is Logical, But Sadly, Its Missing the Target, Because People WANT that Reaction from You.


We Will Teach You How To Hit The "Target" Of Friendship.

Without The medievil Idea You Have To Control Anyone.